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Technology Partners

Technology accelerates and systemises CX success. Which technology, depends on our client’s unique needs. We invest our time and effort across a growing number of technologies, including established commercial and services partnerships.

That’s how we maintain our:

Technologies we partner with:

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Acoustic Marketing Platform

We provide comprehensive support for the entire Acoustic Marketing Platform, leveraging our expertise to enhance its functionality, drive user engagement, and maximise marketing effectiveness. Purple Square is proud to be Acoustic's most certified partner globally.
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Adobe Experience Cloud

Harnessing our specialised expertise in Campaign and Journey Optimizer, we empower businesses to create targeted marketing strategies, optimise customer journeys, and achieve outstanding campaign outcomes through the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem.
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Leveraging our expertise in mParticle, we empower businesses to seamlessly integrate and utilise the platform's powerful capabilities, enabling advanced data management, audience segmentation and personalised customer experiences.
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Pega Customer Decisioning Hub

We bring extensive proficiency in Pega Customer Decisioning Hub, empowering businesses to seamlessly integrate, customise, and optimise the platform's customer decisioning capabilities.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With our specialised expertise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, businesses can unlock campaign potential, streamline customer engagement, and deliver personalised experiences, driving remarkable results.

HCL Unica

With a rich and extensive journey alongside HCL Unica, our team has accumulated profound expertise and a mastery of the platform's capabiltiies. This wealth of expertise empowers us to deliver tailored solutions, drive marketing excellence, and consistently achieve exceptional outcomes for our clients.


Our specialised knowledge and experience in implementing, integrating and customising Optimove allow us to drive personalised marketing strategies, optimise customer retention, and maximise campaign effectiveness.