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Adobe Experience Cloud

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Adobe Experience Cloud is a fully integrated, one stop shop for digital marketing. Its components lead the way in content management, campaign execution, personalisation and lead management.

Purple Square and Adobe partner together to lead and implement business transformation projects that deliver cutting edge technology solutions.

Maximise your investment in Adobe Campaign

You know your clients. But we know Adobe Experience Cloud and are specialists in Adobe Campaign and Adobe Audience Manager.

As Marketing Automation and Technology experts, we maximise the potential of your MarTech stack. After all, your potential is limited only by your imagination.

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How we help


We deliver high value, best-practice business and technology consulting services and can work alongside your teams to help them get started with your software, fill any short-term skills or resource gaps you may have, review your deployment and processes with a view to recommending actionable improvements in system efficiency or campaign performance.

Application Management & Campaign Delivery

Application Management gives you the piece of mind that your Adobe Experience Cloud is in safe hands. Our range of support services help proactively identify, diagnose and address any issues you might have with your marketing environment.

Campaign Delivery is for brands executing customer communications at scale. You focus on strategy, we develop campaigns according to brief. Whenever you need us, we fill the gap.


We employ our tried and tested methodologies to mitigate project risks, keeping engagements running smoothly, on budget and on time, delivering you the best possible value for money. We work closely with your team to agree tasks, key milestones and deliverables to ensure consistency and success every time.


We deliver formal classroom-based training, individual desk-side coaching & knowledge transfer, or even bespoke development of role-based education or on-boarding packages for your new starters.

All our learning offerings are developed and delivered by consultants who have implemented and used the solutions themselves, providing real-world experience that students really appreciate.

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